Home Fitted oche

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Cannot bunch up or move like other oches
Cannot curl up at the edges
Wider (460mm/18") than the home portable oche
Upright/fitted dimensions are: 790 high x 460wide x 95mm curved shelf depth (31"x18")
20mm high foot plate as standard (25mm=1")
All parts are machine cut then assembled by hand
Made from solid 10mm thick charcoal grey machined MDF (see pics)
Comes with fixing kit and easy to follow fitting instructions
Takes only 10 to 15 minutes to fit. (Just the once then that's it)
Folds out ready for use in less than 10 seconds
Folds away just as quick too
Helps protect your flooring
Completely odourless
Technical points
2398mm (94") is the minimum distance required between the wall and your toe line. Below this and your oche will need shortening (See accessories page). The maximum is variable but not recommended over 2475mm (97½").
The fiited oche will require fixing, 1 x to the wall & 2 x to the floor. Screws are supplied for a wood floor. If you have a concrete floor you will need to drill/rawplug (not supplied) the oche to the floor as well as the wall. We can e.mail the PDF fitting instruction sheet prior to order if required.
Please ask for details & advise before ordering if not sure about any of the above.

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Product Information


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If you have a dedicated area to play darts
Then this is the perfect oche for you

Cannot bunch or curl up or move like other mats ... and NO ODOUR

The home FITTED oche is perfect oche for the dart player who has a dedicated area and wants a more permanent setup. Its rigid 10mm thick construction means it cannot bunch up or move and folds out in seconds and quickly folds up under the dart board neatly and safely when not in use.

Perfect oche throw

Your oche will always be deadly accurate and with its extra thick 20mm (1 inch) high foot plate you never have to look down to know where you are standing or break your concentration from the first dart to the last. Just like a competition oche the unique construction of the home fitted oche means that every time you throw a dart it will be from the correct distance so with practice it WILL help you play better darts

And last but not least....

its black all the way through so even bounce outs won't chip the surface so it stays looking good for longer. This is undoubtedly the best home oche in the world and with regular use it will help you play better darts ........ You know it makes sense

What our customers say

"I am made up with it. The idea is brilliant and it works so well"
Paul. Southport. Merseyside

It is fair to say that they are by a distance the best darts Oches I have seen. The quality is excellent and I could see straight away the benefits to be had with them.
David. Lifestyle Leisure Products Ltd

"I bought the fitted one as a present for my husband. He said it was so quick and easy to fit and has really improved his darts"  Lynn, Erdington. Birmingham

"Its really good and doesn't move like the rubber matt".
ANDY "the Pieman" SMITH. Pro dart player

Just wanted to say thank you so much for my oche I honestly love it mate it's perfect
Kevin, Sunderland

"Got to admit I'm impressed and glad that I have purchased one. I will recommend this to my fellow darts mates for sure".
Neil, Scotland

"When I opened the package my first thought was wow! When I set up the oche the only word to describe your product is amazing .... This oche is built well and the wife is actually happy after moaning when I first told her what I was buying" 
David, Aberdeen

"A revolution in darts and fantastic sellers as well"  
Shane, Walton on Thames

My (fitted) oche looks great in my new set up and to top it off, I have just hit my first 180 EVER. Shell shocked doesn't even come close. Thanks bud.
Tim. Cardiff