Pro Deluxe Portable

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Weighs a sturdy 14kg for added stability
All parts are machine cut then assembled by hand
Folds down to: 790mm x 620mm wide x 40mm for easy storage (31"x24½"x1½")
Overall length adjustment of +/-85mm (3½")
Ergonomic handle for easy carriage
Completely odourless
Solid 10mm thick charcoal grey machined MDF (see pics)
Extra double thick 20mm high foot plate as standard (see photo)
Technical point
2370mm (93") is the minimum distance (max is 2455mm=96½") required between the wall and your toe line. Below this and your oche will need shortening. Please see accessories page or ask for details if required.

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Product Information


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This is the Perfect oche for ALL Pubs, Clubs & Darts Venues.
Built Heavier, Wider & Sturdier & with a Higher Foot Plate for Team/public use.
PLUS: Cannot Bunch up. Leaves No Marks, No Mess, No Fuss ... and NO ODOUR

The Pro Deluxe Portable oche is designed especially for the pubs & clubs. It is wider than the home portable (620mm) so it caters better for the players that stand to the left or right on the oche. It has a double height (20mm) footplate to help stop players putting there foot over the line. Its 10mm thick rigid construction means it cannot bunch up or curl like the rubber matt and Its also nearly twice as heavy as the home portable so it resists sideways movement by numerous players using it..

No loss of floor space

The Pro Deluxe oche folds out or folds away in seconds so it only needs to be down on the floor when in use and when its no longer needed, just fold it up to its storage size of 790 x 620 x 50mm and with our ergonomic handle it's so easy to carry and store away till next time.
PLUS with our unique adjustable panel its length is fully adjustable so your oche will always be the correct length for the perfect oche throw every time. If you need a special length made to order just contact us and tell us the details (See "product details" above).

No need to fix screw stick or glue anything

If you don't want to fix, screw, stick or glue anything to the floor or leave any marks at all then this is the perfect oche for you and being 10mm thick it even helps to protect your floor. Its also black all the way through so even bounce outs won't chip the surface so it will look good for longer. This is undoubtedly the best portable oche for pubs & clubs in the world and with regular use it will help you and your team play better darts

Make it special for you, your pub or your club

Why not personalise your OckeysRus oche.
Make it stand out and show everybody how seriously you take your darts and your team by having your club or pub name emblazened on your oche. (see our accessories page for details).
Or perhaps you feel the standard 20mm high (25mm=1") foot plate is not high enough for you. We can make the foot plate 30mm high by using our specially designed step system  (see our accessories page for details).

What our customers say

 "SUPERB PRODUCT .... MY LOCALS LOVE IT"  Masonic Arms Inn, Castle Douglas

"The OckeysRus Deluxe Pro is an absolutely brilliant & well thought out product and has improved my game no end. I am hitting the treble 20 a lot more consistently knowing I am throwing from the correct distance now. A very happy customer". Leigh, coppull, Lancs.

"It's easy to use, lightweight. and looks the part. A revolution in darts & fantastic seller's also. Very happy customer".Shane, Walton on Thames

"Shipping was very fast and I was surprised it came so soon. Great. The Oche is excellent build and works like a charm. I have been darting for an hour know and the oche stays on its place, the rubber mat had to be adjusted every 15 minutes. Thanks for a great product and fast shipping"R Velderhof, The Netherlands 

"Very impressed. Where's this been for the last 18 years its brilliant"
Chris, Derbyshire

"All is great with my oche. really makes practicing easier knowing your throwing from the correct place each time. On friday I managed to qualify for my league's end of year individuals for the first time
Grahame, The Railway Tavern, Falkirk

""I thought it was a fantastic product right from my first throw ... absolutely ideal for my home use as the wife didn't want anything fixed down and holes in the floor ... Many thanks for creating such a fantastic product" ..... Mark. Brigg, North Lincs

"So simple it is pure GENIUS .... To say I am pleased would be a massive understatement". ... Pete, Radstock darts team

"Have to say its brilliant ... solidly built and very quick to deploy and remove. A product, packaging and service that deserves to succeedJeremy, Cricklade"VERY GOOD ... Well made, Looks the part, easy to use, easy to set up, CRACKIN IDEA, nice piece of kit" ... Neil Birkin, Double 16