International Sales

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SORRY, BUT THE FREE DELIVERY OFFER DOES NOT APPLY TO ANYWHERE OUTSIDETHE UK MAINLAND & Nthn IRELAND. If you live outside of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and would like one of our superb oches, then just contact us by e.mail and tell us your delivery address (with area code) and which oche you are interested in and we will send you a no obligation quote by return.... OR

Contact one of our overseas outlets below.

Games & Special Sports,  Geschaftsfuhrer,  Werner Schiewek,  Hammer STR7,  48153 Munster,  Germany
Phone           0251 523621

Jelti Darts en voetbal vof, Schildstraat 32, 6444 XM Brunssum, Netherlands.
Phone          0031 455233465

If you would like to know more about being a overseas OckeysRus Stockist
please contact us for details