Personalise your oche with your own choice of  name/logo

Available for any oche design.

Add your own name or your pub or club or sponsors name to your choice of oche and really make your oche special.

Choose the colour from our colour range and if you have a particular font you would like, let us know and we will see if we have it.

Also choose standard or italic font too.

We will send you a PDF image for your approval before we complete your choice.
Please read terms before purchasing this option


  Optional extra high footplate for the Home Portable  Oche

If you feel the standard 10mm high footplate with the Home Portable oche isn't enough for you then add this and get an extra 10mm giving you a 20mm high footplate for your leading foot.

Gives you the extra confidence that your leading foot is in the correct place ..... every time (NOT for Pro deluxe. See below).


  The Unicorn Oche-mate tape

This is the most accurate, quickest and easiest method to make sure your new OckeysRus oche is set up perfectly.

It will also check the dartboard height too.

Keep it with you and you will never again have to wonder if an oche is the correct distance or the dartboard is at the correct height.
Full instructions on the packet

£4.95 each

  Quality Standard Dart Flights

 Quality flights with the "" logo on all 4 sides. Standard shape,  75 micron. A set of 3 are supplied free of charge with every oche purchased through this website.

for a set of 3 flights


  30mm high footplate option.
  For the pro deluxe oche only

If you feel the standard 20mm high foot plate is not quite high enough for you, we can add an extra 10mm giving you a special higher foot plate of 30mm.
If you want the oche footplate to be 40mm high just order this option x 2. 

Never again will there be any arguments about a player "unknowingly" putting a foot over the throw line.

Ps. Not suitable for the home portable oche (See above £4.95 option), or the home FITTED oche.


  Bespoke length, cut short to fit.

If a normal oche will not fit your set up due to radiator pipes or radiator boxing, bench seating or a fireplace etc. then we can help.

Contact us to discuss your particular problem then assuming we can help, add this option and we will make your bespoke oche especially to allow for your obstruction.

If you are not sure then please contact us for details and read terms before purschasing this option